Low Country Miata Club  

  Charleston, South Carolina    


Club Contacts


President: Jim Walter                 JJWALTER@SC.RR.COM            

V. President Eddie Lucas           CEDWARDLUCAS@MSN.COM

Secretary: Martha Thompson     RWT1096@HOMESC.CM

Treasurer: Geri Causarano         GERI@GERIS-BAZZAR.COM

Constitution & By-Laws of the Lowcountry Miata Club

Feb 1, 2014

Article 1. Name:

This organization shall be named Lowcountry Miata Club (hereinafter referred to as the “Club”)

Article 2. Purpose:

The Club, a non-profit social group, shall provide social, recreational, and technical activities for owners/enthusiasts of the Mazda MX-5 Miata automobile, and promote a responsible image for all Miata owner/enthusiasts.

Article 3. Membership:

To qualify for membership, one must:

  • New membership requires ownership of a Mazda MX-5 Miata.
  • Possess a valid license to operate an automobile.
  • Carry personal automobile insurance coverage for bodily injury and property damage.
  • New members must be 18 years of age to obtain membership.

Renewing Members without a Miata:

a) Renewing members who no longer own a Miata will be allowed to renew

their memberships for a maximum of two (2) calendar years.

Memberships shall be available in these categories:

a) Individual membership shall consist of one individual who shall have one vote in general membership meetings.

  • Dual membership shall consist of two members of a single household otherwise qualified for membership who shall have only one vote in general membership meetings.

1) Only one member of a dual membership shall be eligible to serve on the Board at any time.

  • The term member means a member in good standing with current dues paid.
  • Responsibilities-Members shall act in accordance with the stated purpose of the Club. The Executive Committee may recommend to suspend or revoke membership of any member whose actions are deemed detrimental to the Club, with a majority vote by the club.

Article 4. Meetings:

The Annual Business Meeting shall be held each January. The officers shall select the place and announce the time, date, and location in a notice mailed to all members.

Other than the Annual Business Meeting, members may meet at such times and in such locations as desired to carry out the purpose of the Club.

Article 5. Finance:

  • The President and Treasurer shall have joint signatory authority for financial matters.

b) Membership dues will be $24.00 per year and are payable by December 31st of each year. A new member who joins after January will have their dues prorated at the rate of $2.00 per month for the remaining months in the year. A notice for payment of dues, time, date and location of the election meeting will be mailed out November 15th of the year informing members that dues are payable by December 31st.

c) Dues must be paid by December 31st in order for a member to vote in the January election.

d) The Executive Committee may authorize expenditures of Club funds up to $250.00. Expenditures exceeding this limit must be approved by the general membership by a simple majority vote, at any regular or special meeting.

Article 6. Nomination and Election of Officers:

A Nominating Committee shall be composed of the immediate Past President and two members appointed by the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee shall set criteria for selection of nominees, including willingness to devote time and effort to Club activities. The Nominating Committee shall present its recommendations at the meeting preceding the Annual Business Meeting. At that time the members may nominate additional candidates from the floor.

Officers will be elected by the majority vote of the members in attendance at the
Annual Business Meeting held in January of each year. Officers shall serve beginning February 1 through January 31 of the following year. Officers shall be eligible to serve only two consecutive terms in the same office.

Electronic voting will be allowed for those members who choose to vote in annual elections and can not get to the meeting. Their votes must be in no later than the day before the annual election.

Article 7. Officers:

A) General

All officers shall be members in good standing. Elected officers shall consist of President, Vice-President, Treasurer, and Secretary. The Vice-President shall become President if that office becomes vacant. Other vacant offices shall be filled by appointment by the Executive Committee for the unexpired term. Any officer who fails to perform the duties of the office may be recalled by the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee shall consist of the President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary and Immediate Past-President. The Executive Committee shall appoint other committee chairs as needed.

B) Duties

1) The President shall preside over all general membership and Executive Committee meetings; have signatory authority on all checks and contracts in the clubs name, as needed; be responsible for carrying out the decisions of the members.

2) The Vice-President shall preside over meetings when the President is unable to attend; assist the President in formulating meeting themes and other officers’ scheduled activities.

3) The Treasurer shall, along with the President, have signatory authority on all checks in the Club’s name; process dues, moneys and other remuneration from all sources; keep books of accounts in accordance with generally accepted accounting practices and make a financial report at every club meeting; make an annual financial report showing income, and expenses at the last meeting of term.

4) The Secretary shall record the minutes of all meetings, keep the records and maintain a file of club minutes.

5) The Executive Committee may authorize its appointees to act on behalf of the general membership in matters of routine Club business.

Article 8. Amendments to By-Laws:

These By-Laws may be amended by a 60% majority vote of the members present at any regular or special meeting, provided such amendments or revisions shall be read to the membership one meeting previous to the vote.

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