Low Country Miata Club  

  Charleston, South Carolina    

CLICK HERE to see a .PDF document that has the member pictures I currently have.


 I would like to get new picture(s) of your car(s) and a close-up of your smiling or grumpy face(s). 


The would help everyone since we only meet once a month for a membership meeting and not everyone can attend. Also, it would especially help new members to put a face and a car to a name. eMail your pictures to me @ mikemout@gmail.com. High pixel pictures work best.

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Alster                    Janice & Larry                   92 Sunburst Ylw, 92 Silver, 91 White, 04 Titanium

Causarano             Geri                                  02 Vivid Yellow                   

Conrad                  Dale & Linda                     02 Classic Red 

Davis                    Todd & Terry                      90 Mariner, 03 Strato Blue          

DuBose                 John & Chris                     01 BRG

Euper                    Phillip E.                          13 Dolphin Grey

Glazier                   Ron & Becky                    01 Crystal Blue

Golden                   Jimmy & Boot                   00 Mahagany Mica, 02 Mahogany

Green                    Billy & Sherri                    07 Copper Red

Grigg                     Jeff W. & Barbara              01 Emerald Green Mica    

Harrell                    Joe & Brenda                   08 Icy Blue,  91 BRG

Holtzman               Chris & Nancy                  04 Titanium        


Hull                        Stacy                              2012 Liquid Silver                 


Jurow                    Peter                               02 Vivid Yellow

Knudsen                Warren & Jewell               01 Crystal Mica Blue

Lucas                     Eddie & Karolea              96 Black, 03 Strato Blue, 03 Titanium

Mackelprang           Toni                                13 Dolphin Grey

Mauney                  Edward & Shirley             06 Nordic Green        


McCallum-Talerico  Lynn                                99 Silver   

Micale                    Tory & Claudia                 06 True Red

Miller                      Charles &  Beth               08 Highland Green

Mills                       Joe & Jennifer                  05 Velocity Red    

Mout                      Michael & Judith               00 Emerald Green Mica

Murray                   Alfred & Robin                  12 Grey

Nisbet                   Jean M.                            90 Classic Red

Pardee                   Harry                               07 Copper Red, 91 BRG 

Pendry                   Skip & Nancy                  00 Blue    

Talerico                  Bill                                  99 Silver

Thompson              Bob & Martha                   13 True Red

Thompson              Carmen                      

Vadala                   Joe                                  07 Copper Red      

Walter                    James & Joanne              08 Highland Green

Zimmerman            Glen & Bonnie                06 Copper Red

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